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Hi! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce myself (aaheeem, -insert clearing throat noise that I do not know how to spell-).

I am Stephanie! I have a house, a husband, two kids, and a dog! On the outside looking in people LOVE my life! They love my family, they love my husband, and they LOVE my kiddos (I’ll introduce them later)! On the inside looking out, it’s a little chaotic at times, but I’m learning how to be a good mom, and a great wife (which involves a LOT of patience, for both).

This blog is dedicated to the woes and triumphs of motherhood/wifehood. I will talk about my life in general, the silly things my kids say and do, my cooking (or lack there of), and my insights on what it takes to be a good mom. I will relate most everything about motherhood/wifehood to the precious Bible, which is where we get our “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” I know. I know. Cheesy!

I hope that through my victories and my failures one might read this and gain insight on their own situations.

Life with all boys in the house is quite the treat! I have seen more rear ends then a girl could ask for. I have played ninja’s with my boys. I have been a part time referee, maid, cook, doctor, lawyer, monster slayer, and taxi. Have I mentioned that I love my life yet?? Might be a good place to insert -YES, I love my life! More to come! Thanks for stopping by! My youngest being held… with my husband never letting me stop to fix the pants!

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